Emails not getting sent from WordPress blog [Solved]

I was facing the issue: Emails were not getting sent after someone add the comment on the post in my wordpress based blog, The problem was not in the WordPress, it was on the hosting server. on which the blog is hosted. After posting Ticket regarding the problem, they replied simple php mail() function [...]

Eye Donation: Our little efforts will give someone new life

Its about a year we started an initiative for the Eye Donation. For few days, my team at my work place were involved a bit in this thing. But some how we were not able to continue with the same. We created an online group, got some valuable contacts, those can help us to make [...]

iPhone 3G S: Loaded with new features

Apple WWDC 2009: iPhone 3G got some new features. 3 Megapixel autofocus camera Video recording Voice Control Digital compass Cut, Copy & Paste MMS23 Spotlight Search Landscape keyboard Voice Memos Forward messages with text, video, photos, audio, locations, and contact information to others Peer to Peer, Now your iPhone can find the other iPhone in [...]

Download Picasa Web Albums with Firefox

You will need Picasa installed on your system, if you wanna download the Picasa Web Albums. Perhaps not! You can download the whole album without installing Picasa on the system. DownThemAll, a Firefox add-on can do it for you. Install the extension on Firefox. Click on the RSS Feed icon in the address bar of [...]

I’m sitting next to ZCE

I feel jealous when someone proudly so say it.. “I’m sitting next to ZCE!”, because I am not that much lucky. However I am sitting somewhat nearer to ZCE. Well, The ZCE is Anil, my friend at my life and my TL at my work place. And the person sitting next to him is Hitesh. [...]

Nautilus Script for Audio, Video, Image, Text Convert

This is one of the coolest thing I seen in Linux. Now converting image formats from and to for the various image/video formats is lot easier. A script is available for the same. Download it. You will need to place it in “/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts” in your home directory. To use the script right-click any image/video file, [...]

Firefox 3 not detecting flash player on Ubuntu 8.04

About a month has been passed, I installed Ubuntu 8.04. Firefox 3 was the default installed on it.From starting I faced lot many problems regarding the Flash on FF3. Somehow sometimes it played flash videos, but always got hanged after playing 4-5 seconds of video. After referring lot many google searches, I installed FF3, ‘lashplugin-nonfree’, [...]

A R Rahman brings Oscar to India

Congratulations Rahman,Music maestro A R Rahman has become the first Indian to win an Oscars.He won the 2 Oscars for music in ‘Slumdog Milllionaire‘.First Oscar for ‘Best Original Score’ – ‘Jai Ho..’ and second for ‘Best Original Song’ – ‘O saya..’ .After winning Golden Globe and the BAFTA, he was the favoutite to win the [...]

Installing Photoshop on Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron

I got my Adobe Photoshop 7 running very well on Ubuntu 8.04 Linux. Previously I tried to install CS3 version of Photoshop, but after many issues was not able to install it on Ubuntu. Here is how you can get your Photoshop 7 running on Ubuntu 8.04. Step 1: Install WineOn Terminal: $ sudo apt-get [...]

How They Do That?

Have you noticed the hand-postures which I’m talking about ? Is there any different in that from person to person or any fact behind that? Just notice and think about that. How’z your posture look a like? What I guess is, these postures can tell a little bit about a person, don’t know whether any [...]