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Installing Photoshop on Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron

I got my Adobe Photoshop 7 running very well on Ubuntu 8.04 Linux. Previously I tried to install CS3 version of Photoshop, but after many issues was not able to install it on Ubuntu. Here is how you can get your Photoshop 7 running on Ubuntu 8.04. Step 1: Install WineOn Terminal: $ sudo apt-get [...]

Install SVN on Windows

google_ad_client = “pub-0009909548392230″;google_ad_slot = “2527298847″;google_ad_width = 250;google_ad_height = 250; What you will need to setup Subversion on windows Subversion windows installer SVNservice SVN Client Install Subversion Download the subversion installer for Windows from: I installed the version 1.4.6, you can download the same or 1.4.5 or 1.4.4 also. Run the installer, and install the [...]

Get rid of Flash drives viruses

This guide will help you to get rid out of viruses spread by USB Pen drives, Flash drives or Memory cards.Most of the viruses are spread by pen-drives or its kind of devices because of built-in feature of Windows to autorun the file in pen-drives. Problem: When you connect the removable drive to your PC’s [...]