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WordPress 3.0 is released

WordPress 3.0 is out now. It got many new features, very user friendly interface for admins. Most-discussed addition is the new ability of the software to run multiple blogs like WordPress MU. Just watch the video below to get introduced to it.

Force the browser to show the Save File dialog box

This is much needed when you want to force the web browser to show the Save File dialog box. Generally the web browser opens the file which can be read by it. It all depends on the header which is being sent from the web server to the client browser. By default, the browser can [...]

Emails not getting sent from WordPress blog [Solved]

I was facing the issue: Emails were not getting sent after someone add the comment on the post in my wordpress based blog, The problem was not in the WordPress, it was on the hosting server. on which the blog is hosted. After posting Ticket regarding the problem, they replied simple php mail() function [...]

I’m sitting next to ZCE

I feel jealous when someone proudly so say it.. “I’m sitting next to ZCE!”, because I am not that much lucky. However I am sitting somewhat nearer to ZCE. Well, The ZCE is Anil, my friend at my life and my TL at my work place. And the person sitting next to him is Hitesh. [...]

Creating an array in Smarty

Its simple and sober to assign value to a variable in Smarty. However assign an array to a variable in .tpl file is not simply available. You can create ab array in PHP and assign it to the variable to be used in smarty template, but its on PHP side. But what if you want [...]

Export MySQL DB Structure to Excel

There are many tools & scripts providing exporting MySQL Data to Excel files.But when it comes to export only database tables structure, in other words design, at least I failed in finding such tools or scripts. As a developer, I always need to provide DB Structures along with all table names with their fields & [...]

How To Download And Save Youtube Videos

So many Firefox extensions are doing the same thing which I have just made. And its about downloading YouTube videos.I made a PHP script to download YouTube videos. Thanks to Open Source Communities, from which I taken some part of script. I just implemented it on the site below. google_ad_client = “pub-0009909548392230″;google_ad_width = 728;google_ad_height = [...]

System.out.print in PHP

I found a PHP code sample that somebody had written as following line of code: 1: <?php 2: System.out.print($result); 3: ?> What you say about that code ?This actually works in php. It will not print anything, but It doesn;y produce any error.It just sees them as constants which do not exist and are interpreted [...]

Getting Rich with PHP 5

My friend Jignesh Thummar forwarded me a link of Presentation on ‘Getting Rich with PHP 5‘ by Rasmus Lerdorf, the founder of PHP at O’Reilly’s Open Source conference. The Slides available online here.