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Mac OS X like Font Smoothing on Windows

Font Smoothing is good on Windows Xp/Vista, but not the best. The font smoothing you can get in Mac OS X is very good. One will love to have OS X like font smoothing on Windows as well (If that buddy want to switch to Windows from OS X, little strange.. huh..). However from my [...]

Mac OS X Fonts for Windows XP

Change the default Windows XP fonts to match the Mac OS X Fonts.You will need to install Mac Fonts, which you can download from here. Download Now To install these Fonts, go to the folder “Fonts”, located in the WINDOWS folder. Once you are in the “Fonts” folder, click the File tab and select “Install [...]

MAC Emulation : Change your Windows XP to Mac OS X

Mac OS X, made by Apple, is one of the most technologically advanced operating systems out there, and easily the most visually pleasing. The use of soft edges, translucent colors, and mild pinstripes helps bring color and texture to the desktop, and enjoyment to the user experience–something Windows is sorely lacking in.This is the reason [...]