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Mac OS X like Font Smoothing on Windows

Font Smoothing is good on Windows Xp/Vista, but not the best. The font smoothing you can get in Mac OS X is very good. One will love to have OS X like font smoothing on Windows as well (If that buddy want to switch to Windows from OS X, little strange.. huh..). However from my [...]

Nautilus Script for Audio, Video, Image, Text Convert

This is one of the coolest thing I seen in Linux. Now converting image formats from and to for the various image/video formats is lot easier. A script is available for the same. Download it. You will need to place it in “/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts” in your home directory. To use the script right-click any image/video file, [...]

Installing Photoshop on Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron

I got my Adobe Photoshop 7 running very well on Ubuntu 8.04 Linux. Previously I tried to install CS3 version of Photoshop, but after many issues was not able to install it on Ubuntu. Here is how you can get your Photoshop 7 running on Ubuntu 8.04. Step 1: Install WineOn Terminal: $ sudo apt-get [...]

Customized Screen Resolution on tsclient

tsclient (Terminal Server Client) is a tool for rdesktop and other remote desktop tools.It is a GNOME application. Its options include color depth, screen resolution etc. To open tsclient’s GUI, press Alt+F2, In the ‘Run Application’ box, enter ‘tsclient’ and press enter. That will open a tsclient’s GUI.Under Display tab These are default screen resolutions, [...]