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DNS Performance Test: Google Public DNS vs Open DNS

Took a DNS Performance Test with the DPT App. I tried that with the list of around 200 domains. Basically the App is having list of 10000 domains list. I minimized it to 200 & took a test for both Google Public DNS and the Open DNS. The results are as below: Google Public DNS [...]

What makes you a Web Developer

Are you a Web Developer?We know that, there are so many web developers, who called themselves master of web technologies or they consider themselves the best.But the real thing is.. if you are a web developer, you must be having the knowledge of these web techniques.Amit Kumar Singh, project manager at ‘Pune IT Labs’ is [...]

How To Download And Save Youtube Videos

So many Firefox extensions are doing the same thing which I have just made. And its about downloading YouTube videos.I made a PHP script to download YouTube videos. Thanks to Open Source Communities, from which I taken some part of script. I just implemented it on the site below. google_ad_client = “pub-0009909548392230″;google_ad_width = 728;google_ad_height = [...]

The Crunchies 2007 : Winners

The Crunchies is an internet and technology competition without geographic boundaries. No companies are restricted from consideration. Certain awards have specified criteria (i.e. best unfunded start-up or best start-up launched in 2007) but, otherwise, all companies and products are eligible for consideration based on their business accomplishments made during calendar 2007. Best Overall: Facebook Facebook [...]

Quotes DB : useful, funny, interesting

I found website named Quotes DB, where u can find some useful, funny & interesting talks done on internet.It allows you to submit your talks.Quotes DB is a database of talks, chat logs.Visit here : Quotes DB

aXXo, The Most Popular DVD Ripper on BitTorrent

If you are a movie geek and if you download movies from the torrent sites, its not possible that you haven’t noticed the person ‘aXXo’. Downloading free movies from the Internet could be the most favorite stuff for the movie geeks, especially downloading movies using torrents. How one person can be a geek of movies [...]

Boy, who never sleeps before the stroke of 2

Before I’m going to explain the real story of this boy, I wanna explain some facts. In world of telephony and internet, it was the time, when there were no other players in the market to compete with BSNL, It was ruling the whole telephony market. The phrase ‘Customer Satisfaction’ wasn’t there those days, but [...]

A Journey from Plain Text to Web 2.0

Years ago, when people were communicating by the medium of Plain Text, and today when people are communicating by the medium of Digital Text, think about how Plain Text is linking people when it takes the form of Digital Text. Because,Text is no longer just linking information,Digital Text is no longer just linking information,Digital Text [...]