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Download Picasa Web Albums with Firefox

You will need Picasa installed on your system, if you wanna download the Picasa Web Albums. Perhaps not! You can download the whole album without installing Picasa on the system. DownThemAll, a Firefox add-on can do it for you. Install the extension on Firefox. Click on the RSS Feed icon in the address bar of [...]

Firefox 3 not detecting flash player on Ubuntu 8.04

About a month has been passed, I installed Ubuntu 8.04. Firefox 3 was the default installed on it.From starting I faced lot many problems regarding the Flash on FF3. Somehow sometimes it played flash videos, but always got hanged after playing 4-5 seconds of video. After referring lot many google searches, I installed FF3, ‘lashplugin-nonfree’, [...]

Browser War : Firefox 2 Vs. IE 7

In one corner we have Internet Explorer 7. After 18 months of development and a shiny new set of tabs, Its in top shape and looking better than its predecessor ever did. That is, before it entered the ring with Firefox 2.0. Now its just a cripple with fancy RSS reading. Microsoft leaves no doubt [...]

Firefox : Recommended Extensions

When it comes to using the world’s most famous alternative browser Mozilla FireFox, You should consider more when you use it. Here are some essential Firefox extensions 1. Extended Statusbar A Statusbar with Speed, Percentage, Loaded size of the webpage ( like in Opera ) Adds an Opera-like statusbar to Firefox that shows:-number of loaded [...]