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New Year Health Resolutions for 2011

Bye 2010 Thanks for making myself happy enough & helped me to take some important decisions. 2010 was one of the most happening year for me. There were actually two areas I want to mention here. Career & Health. But dont want to write much about career now. Career : First thing was, left the [...]

Indian National Rupee Currency Symbol on the Web

Indian National Rupee get its own Currency Symbol : ` But what’s the way to type the currency symbol using your existing keyboard ? Well, in future the Indian keyboard manufactures will give a way to type it. That’s for sure. For now, there is a font available: Rupee Foradian.ttf. Which allows to print the [...]

iGeek blog moved to a new home

For the people, who redirected from This is a new place for this blog. I have migrated the older version of this blog (blogspot) to WordPress now. Change is good.

Recap – 2009

The Year is ending soon, new one is going to begin. In ’09 I’ve seen lot of ups & downs in world around me, whether its family, friends or its professional world, nothing was just stable as it should. Lot of bad and good things happened. Lets have a recap of the Year 2009.Family & [...]

Why are Indians… ?

If you look at the Google Suggestions, while typing ‘Why are indians’ & typing the ‘Why are americans’ in the Google Search box, will get the below. After looking at that Why people search only negative things for americans?

Eye Donation: Our little efforts will give someone new life

Its about a year we started an initiative for the Eye Donation. For few days, my team at my work place were involved a bit in this thing. But some how we were not able to continue with the same. We created an online group, got some valuable contacts, those can help us to make [...]

I’m sitting next to ZCE

I feel jealous when someone proudly so say it.. “I’m sitting next to ZCE!”, because I am not that much lucky. However I am sitting somewhat nearer to ZCE. Well, The ZCE is Anil, my friend at my life and my TL at my work place. And the person sitting next to him is Hitesh. [...]

A R Rahman brings Oscar to India

Congratulations Rahman,Music maestro A R Rahman has become the first Indian to win an Oscars.He won the 2 Oscars for music in ‘Slumdog Milllionaire‘.First Oscar for ‘Best Original Score’ – ‘Jai Ho..’ and second for ‘Best Original Song’ – ‘O saya..’ .After winning Golden Globe and the BAFTA, he was the favoutite to win the [...]

How They Do That?

Have you noticed the hand-postures which I’m talking about ? Is there any different in that from person to person or any fact behind that? Just notice and think about that. How’z your posture look a like? What I guess is, these postures can tell a little bit about a person, don’t know whether any [...]

A R Rahman – 1st Indian to win Golden Globe Award

He’s my one of the favorite musician. Now he’s become the 1st Indian ever to win a Golden Globe Award. He bring the pride for India. He was nominated for the Best Original Music Score for the movie Slumdog Millionaire. This movie has been emerged as favorite one for the prestigious Oscar. So the next [...]