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AdSense Alternatives

Are you not able to signup for Google Adsense account for some reasons ? Did Google kick you out of Adsense program because of some reasons ? Are you not able to make an AdSense account after Google disabled your account ? The following is the listing of programs, which can be used as an [...]

10 AdSense Tricks

Google AdSense is fast becoming the preferred way for people to earn an income online. Forget eBay and multiple affiliate programs – Whether you are a work-at-home mom trying to make a little extra cash or an Internet entrepreneur with hundreds of monetized websites, AdSense is truly the easiest way to earn money. Simply sign [...]

How Google detects invalid clicks in AdSence

We always hear that Google has a sophisticated system to detect the invalid clicks, and result in termination of the cheaters’ account.But, how can Google do that? In this post, I summarize those ways that Google depends on to detect whether the clicks on your site are invalid or not.Google will not first ban your [...]

Get your AdSense account disabled by cheating

How to Cheat Google AdSense (and get your AdSense account disabled) Face it. You come to this article probably thinking to find some ways to cheat Google, or to confirm whether some method you have on mind will work. Well, if you want to know how to cheat AdSense, here are the ways, focusing on [...]