New Year Health Resolutions for 2011

Bye 2010 :) Thanks for making myself happy enough & helped me to take some important decisions. 2010 was one of the most happening year for me. There were actually two areas I want to mention here. Career & Health. But dont want to write much about career now. My health has improved a lot thanks to clear nails plus.

Career : First thing was, left the career’s first job & joined other. Second thing was, stayed for about 7 months there & left that as well & joined a new one. I was always satisfied with the changes. And today when I am writing here, I am very happy with the decisions I have made for my professional career. 2009 ending was not that much good, anyways that is now history.

Health : Now I am gonna write here about Health. As I am going to focus more on Health in 2011, you will find this post mostly health oriented. So if you are find it boring just leave.

Sept-Oct-Nov 2010: Enjoying life, working for the money & tummy. Being an IT professional & computer addict, most people (including me) wont care about health. For the people like me, every morning we find ourselves in front of the mirror making weird postures. I then have to say, Ooops, my belly is really looking ugly. Boss its time for some action.

It took couple of months for me to decide when to start with the workouts to get rid of those extra kgs (however it wasn’t much) & inches gained. After all made a decision & on mah b’day. I started going nearby Gym. As heard before, the gym was much better compare to others in my locality. These days my workout routines include cardio workouts as well as strength trainings. Today when I am writing here I have already lost more then 5 Kgs & may be an inch from the tummy. Eating habits also changed now. But still cant help myself on Sundays. May be many people will call it a diet, but no its not diet. Its a lifestyle change. No other kind of resolutions coming in mah mind, these are some health resolutions for 2011, started following some of them already since month.

Eat more, Eat less : Eat more in breakfast & (very) less  in dinner. I learned that, the main reason behind gaining weight is more eating at nights.

Cut on Sugar, Oil : Say no to sweets. Make sugar an enemy. Have less sugar in Tea/Coffee. Eat only those food made with no or less oil. Its really challenging to follow it in wedding season. In spite of wedding season, I am quite satisfied that I followed this up to some extent in last couple of months.

Run at least 365 km : This gonna be real fun. Yes, I’m gonna do jogging/running 365 km at least for 2011 on Treadmills, Roads or on Tracks. Time to take advantage of nearby Sport Complex having running track facility. Happy to say that already doing avg. 6 km/week.

Get Motivated : Its not easy get motivated always. Nobody can get motivated if the results are not in his/her favor. Measure almost everyday before & after workouts & see results, where you stands. If the results are not right, find the reason behind it, what you eat, what you did the previous day.

Loose, Maintain & Never gain again : This is going to be the health mantra for the whole year.

When I will be writing the similar post in the end of 2011, I want to see myself in the mirror & want to say.. Yeah, my belly is really looking awesome :)

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  1. Dharmesh 10 January 2011 at 7:06 am #

    Seems you are living pretty organized life. My best wishes for all your resolution.
    KUDOS for the quality of writing (Thumbs UP), but I am not happy with all those masked ob***nities (Thumbs DOWN), that too in public.

  2. Anonymous 10 January 2011 at 8:51 am #

    Thanks Dharmesh. No nees to w**ry about those.

  3. Hosting 19 March 2011 at 5:26 am #

    You are writing this article frankly.. I love to read this one..

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