The Time Management Matrix

Last Monday, Ashok sir took a very good session on ‘Effective Time Management’.
One of the key things he explained was about ‘Important Urgent Matrix’, also called ‘The Time Management Matrix’.
Currently I have started categorized my weekly tasks with this matrix.
As per the matrix, Tasks you have decided or assigned can be categorized as urgent or not urgent & important or not important. So we have 4 quadrants.
Now its up to you to choose the perfect quadrant for each task you decided to do.

Few examples for each quadrant.

Quadrant 1: Crises, Projects with short deadline
Quadrant 2: Planning, Recreation, Analysis
Quadrant 3: Interruptions like phone calls, Replying emails, Some meetings
Quadrant 4: Some time-pass mails, Chatting, Watching meaningless TV Shows, In short all the things which wastes your valuable time.

Based on The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (1989) by Stephen R. Covey

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