What makes you a Web Developer

Are you a Web Developer?
We know that, there are so many web developers, who called themselves master of web technologies or they consider themselves the best.
But the real thing is.. if you are a web developer, you must be having the knowledge of these web techniques.
Amit Kumar Singh, project manager at ‘Pune IT Labs’ is saying about the 5 key skills of a successful web developer. I just read that, let me tell you all that in very short and I also added few things from point view as well.

  • Layout of site : HTML
  • Look n feel of site : CSS
  • Client side scripting : JavaScript
  • Database : SQL
  • Server side scripting language


Front-end of most of the site is because of HTML only. Website is nothing without proper look n feel & proper layout. May be server side scripting is optional, but HTML is must.
If you only know about only ‘tr’, ‘td’ tags, that’s not enough. Get a look into ‘div’s as well. Follow the w3C standards for HTML or XHTML.


The design of the website, made using CSS. There are lots of attributes in CSS. Get a knowledge of the basic CSS applications. Also make sure you understand the browser capabilities as well.


Doing anything dynamically on client side needs JavaScript. In old days it was used only for the purpose like alert, open pop-ups, animate mouse etc. But these days, there are the lot many JavaScript frameworks in market. You will hardly find a popular site, which is not using any JavaScript framework. You, as a web developer might have used or at least heard about Ajax. Its in JavaScript only.
Another thing that you should keep in mind is, the DOM (Document Object Model). Just go through it. JavaScript is much easy if you know the DOM very well.


Database driven sites are common now a days & since long. Yes, as a web developer you are knowing the basic thing of SQL. Be a master of not only SELECT, UPDATE queries, but also of Database design as well. Implement Stored Procedures if required, and the most important thing Joins.If you know the Joins, you can reduce the number of database calls.

Server side scripting

I don’t want to tell more here, because you already doing these. PHP is my favorite language, so I will tell you all here in terms of it. Make sure you must be having the basic knowledge of core of the languare. Because most of the people are using frameworks from starting of the career. So they never have to look into basic syntaxes.

Rank yourself out of 10 for each of the above skill, then consider yourself, whether you are a successful web developer.

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