Unpacking the iPhone

Finally, iPhone will be launched in India by October/November ’08.
I was amazed when I heard the price that won’t be more than $199 (across 70 countries worldwide), although you wont get it in that amount, you will have to tie up with your service provider. In India, Vodafone is going to launch it with minimum plan of around Rs. 23,000 with 2 year subscription.

As Steve Jobs said in recent WWDC, Price was the major factor for the people who didn’t buy the iPhone in the countries where iPhone launched. So Apple slashed the price 50% less!

But.. will we the new iPhone 3G with all the feature & accessories provided with previous version of iPhone (iPhone EDGE), thats the big question.

Lets hope in India, we will get the same as we can see in this video
Lets unpack the iPhone.

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