Get Together of Magneteers

Aaah.. the first blog after joining Magnet. I think I never got the enough time to write a blogs, but about what I should write ? How other bloggers spare time for blogging?, and why not me can do the same? But after all, I got time and courage to write a blog once again.

Almost Three & Half months passed in Magnet. Our TL, Jaldip Sir, was planning, we should meet at some place with our spouse or fiance/fiancee if any. Everybody was ready and exited for that. We faced some delayed because of some sort of reasons. But after all we managed it.
So, it was planned after all, We had a get together on last Friday. We decided to meet at Exitebite restaurant on S G Highway. We met there after we left the workplace.
Almost half of the people were with their life parters. But I wasn’t. Why? Simple thing yaar.. The answer is I’m not engaged. Ya but girlfriend was allowed, hm.. but again Bad Luck!
But it doesn’t mean that I was alone & I cant enjoy. Yes I was enjoying.. with my friends (Singles of course), & also the food.
I see some guys were enjoying they never before. Specially a person who eats just a Vada-Pau a day & passes the whole day!
One of my friend was with her fiancee, I don’t know, he was comfortable or not. It was like he wants to speak something, but something in his mind was not allowing him to speak anything, Silent all the time. He was sitting at the corner point of the table, was talking with her fiancee very very slowly. But he is the person who speaks a lot between us when he is in between us in office or anywhere else.
After seeing him, I was feeling comfortable, I don’t have fiancee right now :) . Otherwise I don’t know what could be my condition on that day.
Every Singles were enjoying a lot, But some of the persons, were not singles were not enjoying up to the limit.
Why some married/engaged people feel hesitation while speaking, behave differ from their natural behavior, when it comes to meet those friends, whom they meet daily. What could be the reason? Ok, my English is not that much good, but I think you are getting my point!

Twinke is the girl, Me and Dhaval always harass her all the time when I got a chance n we enjoy that. Now this time, she was with her husband, Hardik. And the thing is, we were sitting in front of them. So no excuses this time. I was trying to keep my mouth shut against her, but she complained her husband, “Aa jiglo & dhavlyo mane bau herran kare chhe, dhavlyo to mane bau maare chhe“. I was in tension what could be the first reaction of Hardik. But, Hardik wasn’t responding at all, & me.. Bach Gaya.. :)

Jaldip Sir, I mean.. Jaldipbhai was enjoying up to the limit as always, with his wife & cute little daughter. The Jodi was sparkling at that night.

Once again we had a great fun that day, because I believe Magneteers always do that anytime. That was the first time we met outside the work place, with family members after joining Magnet.

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  1. Big -J 24 December 2007 at 8:46 am #

    Jiga …
    Its nice effort from your side.Keep it up

    Thankz for appritiation

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