Boy, who never sleeps before the stroke of 2

Before I’m going to explain the real story of this boy, I wanna explain some facts.

In world of telephony and internet, it was the time, when there were no other players in the market to compete with BSNL, It was ruling the whole telephony market. The phrase ‘Customer Satisfaction’ wasn’t there those days, but afterwards when other players jumped into the market, BSNL has to revamp the services.
The babus of BSNL had to think, how they can compete with other biggies in terms of services to stay on the top place in the market. Internet was one of the services provided by bsnl, but no broadband was there. Services other than ‘dial-up internet’ was not affordable for a middle-class people. But when other companies start to provide better Internet services, bsnl had to take step further and launched the ‘Dataone Broadband’.

Dataone Broadband, today is the best Internet Service available in terms of speed and cost.
Other companies are there, which can provide fast internet connections, but the skims of them are not better than Dataone.
Plus point for dataone was the existing phone line, which customers were using just for phone calls and dial-up internet connections in those days.
Dataone uses existing phone lines for broadband internet connection, So initial cost of dataone is far less than the others, for a common man it was a boon.

Initially when launched, cost was much higher, although was succeed in urban areas but not much as of today.
To be online for whole the day, for youngsters was very costly, because it was eating bandwidth like two-day hungry man eats burgers. But as time passed, broadband rate slashed down and has been made affordable for everyone.

Now most of the Home PCs in urban areas which have internet, have broadband connections, having Dataone plans. People are ready to go online without worrying about limited bandwidth.

Most of the people are using 1 GB bandwidth limited plan, but if you are using 2.5 GB bandwidth limited plan with night unlimited bandwidth, the world would be in your home in just few clicks. 1 GB plan was good enough for the people who chat all the day, check emails, visit social networking sites, but there are some limitations which make this plan not much better for some other geeks,
You can chat whole the day, but when it comes to webcam chat, you have to bother about limited bandwidth. You can visit people’s profiles on the site, but when it comes to watching his/her pictures, videos you have to think again about limited bandwidth.

But if you are ready to spend more on broadband, other plans are just awesome for you.
Unlimited plan for Rs. 900 per month for a collegian was a litter bit far, Although he/she can spend money for it by earning cash by doing other works.

So, a 2.5 GB limited bandwidth plan with night unlimited from 2 am to 8 am is the perfect one for the people who want to use internet without bother about the bandwidth, also want to download free stuffs like movies, songs.

Here is the real story of a boy, Vimal, one of my friends, owns a 2.5 GB limited bandwidth plan, and how broadband becomes a part of his life.

Most of my friends were equipped with 1 GB limited bandwidth Dataone plan including me, only one of us had a 2.5 GB plan.
Me and my friends are just crazy about Hollywood movies, no. of movies we have I will tell you later on.

So the guy, with 2.5 GB plan was like an angel for us, only if he download movies for us.
A single movie is about 700-900 MB in size. If this buddy download it in the day, the 700-900 MB would be slashed from 2.5 GB.
So it was awful to download movies in the day. So we had to think about the time period 2 am to 8 pm, which allowed us to download a single movie in one night without worrying about the bandwidth.
But my friend wasn’t ready to wakeup in the night at 2 am. The thing was very simple, he just has to start download after 2 am, after that he can sleep up to 8 am in the morning. But he disappointed us a lot. He was not ready to download a single movie in whole month, I think this was due to his laziness for that.

But afterwards, Vimal buy a 2.5 GB plan. Now we don’t have to request him for downloading movies, because now we got a real angel for movies.
This guy was ready to wakeup till 2 am just for his love of movies.
But how it can be possible for him to wakeup till 2 am? specially on daily basis?
Here is the answer, he just start to watch movie after 12:00 am daily, don’t worry about ending of a movie, he watches movie just for time pass and wait for the stroke of 2 am by the clock.

For normal people, day changed at midnight, but for this buddy, it takes two more hours.
He manages to start download after 2 am.
Now-a-days, It doesn’t take a whole night to download a single movie due to higher download speed, so he start to download 3-4 movies simultaneously, as a result, 7-8 movies can be downloaded in just 3 nights.

Now, can you imagine how much he download in the nights in a whole month? It is damn more than 75 GB.
So the fact is, a person who has just 2.5 GB limit for uploading/downloading contents, is downloading the data 30 times the given limit. He really sucks the BSNL. One more shocking thing is that, Vimal has downloaded more than 35o movies including 20 or something Hindi movies also.

Now we have a very large collection of movies on DVDs and HDs, which have been downloaded from the Internet.
In my friend circle, everyone has more than 30 downloaded movies in the Hard-disk at a time.
We all don’t require to download, we just have to request this buddy for it, on the next day our requested movies will be there on our hard-disks, on our PCs.

For sharing movies we don’t have a LAN implementation, because we live far from each-other.
We don’t burn CDs/DVDs to share movies with friends.
We just copy the movies direct to the hard-disks.
All of my friend are now master in that stuff. But before this era, some of the guys were not ready for opening the cabinet and removing the hard-disk from it. But the hunger of watching movies motivated them to do the same.

It was a time when we hardly have a single movie on CDs to be watched once in a week. We have to rent or to buy CDs from the market.
But afterwards, we have a large collection of Xvid/Divx formatted movies with DVD quality of video and sound.
Now this buddy download more than 100 movies per month.
After downloading 20-25 movies, he invite us to copy the downloaded movies, we hardly watch 5-6 movies from our collection of more than 30 movies on our HDs. We have to delete all other movies without watching, because new movie stock is always ready with more than 20 movies every week.

This was the story of my friend, a Boy, who never sleeps before the stroke of 2 am in the clock.

Apart from that, we have a large network in my city, movies are passing from one end of a city to the other end via our network.
No, there is no wired network, its a wireless network without transmitters, receivers and routers.
Its a network, which can handle more than 30 GB of data to be transmitted at a time by just one packet! Its a packet that contains hard-disk. Hard-disk is passed to one location to another location by us.

All movies from Hollywood are not released in India, we cannot watch other movies.
Movies we watch are those which are aspirants, comedies, about glory, are not released here.
Why? these movie are not released in India is the question, I think the answer is, most of the Indian love to watch movies that contain actions (done by Indian hero, not by a Hollywood star), love to watch love stories (he doesn’t aware of other great love stories films made out of India). But why should I discuss this thing here. Its my own opinion.

We download some good Hindi movies also. But other movies cant be compare to Hollywood movies we watch in terms of directions, stories.

It’s the power of Dataone broadband. You can buy other broadband connections, but you cannot find plan in other companies, which provides 2.5 GB upload/download limit with unlimited uploads/downloads in the nights with up to 2 Mbps of connecting speed and more than 90 Kbps of downloading speed.

Story I mentioned above is not of only a single person in India, there are lots of people in my city and in India who are sucking BSNL.

You can call us mad-men for movies, yes, we are.

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  1. Jignesh 23 August 2007 at 5:47 am #

    Does only that guy suck BSNL or BSNL suck his pocket ?

  2. Jigi 3 January 2008 at 11:43 am #

    Gr8 goin….very informative….keep up d gud work!

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