New Year Health Resolutions for 2011

Bye 2010 Thanks for making myself happy enough & helped me to take some important decisions. 2010 was one of the most happening year for me. There were actually two areas I want to mention here. Career & Health. But dont want to write much about career now. Career : First thing was, left the [...]

Indian National Rupee Currency Symbol on the Web

Indian National Rupee get its own Currency Symbol : ` But what’s the way to type the currency symbol using your existing keyboard ? Well, in future the Indian keyboard manufactures will give a way to type it. That’s for sure. For now, there is a font available: Rupee Foradian.ttf. Which allows to print the [...]

WordPress 3.0 is released

WordPress 3.0 is out now. It got many new features, very user friendly interface for admins. Most-discussed addition is the new ability of the software to run multiple blogs like WordPress MU. Just watch the video below to get introduced to it.

iGeek blog moved to a new home

For the people, who redirected from This is a new place for this blog. I have migrated the older version of this blog (blogspot) to WordPress now. Change is good.

Recap – 2009

The Year is ending soon, new one is going to begin. In ’09 I’ve seen lot of ups & downs in world around me, whether its family, friends or its professional world, nothing was just stable as it should. Lot of bad and good things happened. Lets have a recap of the Year 2009.Family & [...]

DNS Performance Test: Google Public DNS vs Open DNS

Took a DNS Performance Test with the DPT App. I tried that with the list of around 200 domains. Basically the App is having list of 10000 domains list. I minimized it to 200 & took a test for both Google Public DNS and the Open DNS. The results are as below: Google Public DNS [...]

Mac OS X like Font Smoothing on Windows

Font Smoothing is good on Windows Xp/Vista, but not the best. The font smoothing you can get in Mac OS X is very good. One will love to have OS X like font smoothing on Windows as well (If that buddy want to switch to Windows from OS X, little strange.. huh..). However from my [...]

Force the browser to show the Save File dialog box

This is much needed when you want to force the web browser to show the Save File dialog box. Generally the web browser opens the file which can be read by it. It all depends on the header which is being sent from the web server to the client browser. By default, the browser can [...]

Nokia 3G Netbook

This is what many people waiting for, a laptop from the world’s most trusted mobile brand. That is going to be true. Nokia is going to launch the ‘Nokia Booklet 3G’. Nothing so say here. Have a look at the features. Prices & Date of launch not declared yet. But this one will be the [...]

Why are Indians… ?

If you look at the Google Suggestions, while typing ‘Why are indians’ & typing the ‘Why are americans’ in the Google Search box, will get the below. After looking at that Why people search only negative things for americans?